Kenwood Transport

Why Us

We are here to "sustain and enhance human life".
Proof is we are the heavily relied transport service of FedEx Ground for all their delivery needs and do our best to move people's goods to their doorsteps.

We have our own trucks and CDL drivers that we trust to ship all customers’ orders right to their doorstep.

The demand is so great for our authentic and trustworthy brand of service that we always have the need for more professional drivers for our fleet. It’s a perfect collaboration between FedEx Ground and Kenwood Transport for delivery services throughout the country, and you would want to join a tested and proven team which not only takes care of the needs of our customers but also the welfare of our drivers and our other staff. Health insurance, optical and dental coverage are just some of the benefits from the first day that you work with us.

If you are a commercial driver who has had extensive experience in long haul driving all over the United States, feel free to contact us and be part of our growing team!

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